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Alma Trolls Adventure Park

Alma Trolls Adverture Park offers action for all ages. In Adventure Park you can find Trollwood, traffic park Mini-Huittinen, Alma´s play area and domestic zoo. From the traffic park can be found pedal cars for all ages and for the youngest drivers can be found electric- and kickcars.

Trollwood is located next to traffic park. In the Trollwood you can get to know Alma Troll´s home and get to to know Alma Troll´s Adventure parks missions. In the Adventure park you can find f.e.tramway and ropeclimbing. You can order Alma Troll for a different theme-events or birthday parties. Alma belongs to always in package trips. We also offer birthdaypackages for the partiers.

Domestic zoos diversed animals wish also baby or grandfather welcome. All ages are welcome to pet our domestic zoo animals. In our domestic zoo you can find different kind of birds and chickens, furthermore emu Sipi is our oldiest acquaintance. You can also meet lionheadbunnies and micropigs Täplä and Karkki. When the spring is warmening, rest of the animals comes back our domestic zoo. 

Alma-Trolls Adverture Park is open May – August (Other times also for the groups).

Alma-Trolls Adverture Park is open tuesday-friday 12.00 – 20.00 and saturday-sunday 10.00 -18.00. Mondays park is closed.

Packages can be tailor to fits all groups needs. Please make your reservation early before your trip!